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International Violinist Anele Mhlalo Visits CSA Orcherstra

Posted October 15, 2014 in Press Releases

On October 14th, middle and high school Orchestra students were visited by international violinist and outreach educator, Anele Mhlahlo. Mhlahlo ran a master class for the students which focused not only on what students need to succeed as musicians but what it takes to achieve any of their goals.

Mhlahlo shared what his life was like growing up, the challenges he faced, and how he developed a passion for music. He was a smart kid, did work quickly, and then would cause trouble in his classes because of this he was sent to take music classes as a “punishment”. Mhlahlo fell in love with the violin through these classes and said that when he heard the violin for the first time, it sang to him. Eventually, Mhlahlo went on to study violin in high school and now has a successful career traveling the world as a performer and doing outreach with young musicians. He contributes his success to being able to find a purpose in life and encouraged the CSA orchestra students to find their purpose.

After connecting with the students by sharing his story, Mhlahlo worked individually with three musicians. Through these lessons he instructed the whole group on playing with confidence, passion, emotion, and letting the music tell its story.

Mhlalo’s visit was a powerful and moving experience for all who attended, students and adults alike.

“Music is not something for yourself; it is to share”. –Anele Mhlahlo