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Cleveland School of Arts Alumni Association (CSAAA) aims to be an essential contributor to the Cleveland School of the Arts mission.  We will be a community committed to the well-being, growth and success of every student, faculty, and staff member through advocacy and financial support.

The purpose of the Association is to support the students, faculty, staff and community of Cleveland School of the Arts by fostering:

  • Relationships between alumni and the school
  • Assisting in academia, student activities, social activities, and other events
  • Award scholarships, recognition and grants to deserving students and faculty
  • Raising funds through dues, donations and events to allocate to those items listed (b) and (c)


Danielle M. Morris, President
Daahem Abdul-Barr, Vice President
Colleen Scott, Treasurer
Danielle Dixon, Secretary
Andre Smith, Sargent at Arms

How To Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved in CSAAA, please contact us for more information.

Cleveland School of Arts Alumni Association (CSAAA)
P.O. Box 606026
Cleveland, Ohio 44106