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Cleveland School of the Arts utilizes the Renaissance Learning Programs which include Star Reading and Math, and Accelerated Reader and Math.

The Star Reading software provides a pre and post-test assessment of students reading levels. It provides the necessary information for a teacher to create an individual reading plan for every student. It enables us to work with every student at their individual level.

The Accelerated Reader software is a tool that manages the reading activity of the class and allows the teacher and students to monitor and track student comprehension rates, time on task, volume and quality of student work for each book read. The data collected from these software programs help teachers to assess reading abilities and progress, and to diagnose and correct reading problems.

Star Math Testing is administered at the beginning of every school year to evaluate each child's current level of math development. This determines the level at which the child should begin math instruction in order to promote success without frustration. The testing is again administered at the end of the school year to determine each child's individual growth in math skills throughout the instructional year.

Accelerated Math is a computer-based learning information system that manages and monitors students' mathematics learning from first grade through high school calculus. Accelerated Math prints customized practice assignments and tests for each student, scores students' work and reports the results immediately. It keeps track of student work and gives the teacher diagnostic information by printing individual student and class reports. Accelerated Math informs the teacher precisely which mathematics objectives or skills each student has mastered and which ones cause them difficulty.

Andrew J. Koonce, Principal | Tony Sias, Artistic Director

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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