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The Cleveland Metropolitan School District's (District) All-City Arts Program is an after-school and weekend program for District students designed to build upon and extend the arts curriculum taught by the District's certified arts teachers. The program is managed and produced by the Department of Arts Education staff. It offers students the opportunity to further develop their artistic talents through comprehensive hands on project based learning and mentoring from arts professionals. Students interested in All-City self select to study and perform in one or more specialized ensembles including:

  • Dance
  • Theatre and Musical / Theatre
  • Vocal / Choral
  • Band /Jazz Band / Drum Line
  • Creative and Visual Arts / Photography and Videography

Participation in All-City contributes to students' overall academic success, develops a deep sense of personal achievement, and introduces students to careers in the arts through exhibition and performance experiences. The program strives to:

  • Teach students the value of discipline, commitment, focus, and the joy and success derived from hard work
  • Prepare students for post-secondary career education and/or professional training in their arts disciplines
  • Share student talents and achievements with the Greater Cleveland community and Northeast, Ohio.

Students selected for ensembles must agree to actively participate in additional training encompassing performance techniques, script analysis, health choices/nutrition and music/theatrical direction. This training prepares students to perform in two of the District's annual major showpieces, the All-City Arts Festival-Rock Your World: A day long celebration of student performances and visual arts exhibition in partnership with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum and the All-City Musical in partnership with Great Lakes Theater Festival, Playhouse Square, The Music Settlement and The Musical Theater Project and generously funded by The Human Fund. An All-City Resource Guide is produced for all teachers to introduce their students to the musical. The curriculum provides thematic links to the socio-economic, political and cultural history specific to the time-period of the selected musical that facilitate transfer of knowledge across core subject areas.

Andrew J. Koonce, Principal | Tony Sias, Artistic Director

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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